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The Prince-Archbishoprical 'Alte Hofapotheke'

since 1591

Established in 1591, the ‘Alte Hofapotheke’ is the oldest apothecary still in existence in Salzburg and has been at no. 6 Alter Markt since 1903. The rococo furnishing dates back to 1777, and was obviously designed for the previous location in the neighbouring building, since it only just has enough room in today’s flat-ceiling setting.

In 1923, the grandfather of the current owner, Marina Gaertner (Mag. pharm.), purchased shares in the Hofapotheke. Since 1936 it has been under the sole ownership of the family that has been involved in running apothecaries for nine generations. The shop’s original porcelain jars can still be seen on the reseda green and hollyhock mallow pink painted shelves of the apothecary display. Some of them are still in use for items such as soft soap.

Specialities of the house include suger-coated pills, special teas, marigold balsam and all kinds of drops, tinctures, syrups, balsams and creams.

PRODUCT RANGE: Teas, pastilles and creams produced in-house, frankincense capsules, Salzburg stomach tonic, Swedish bitter, homeopathy, Schüssler salts, and cosmetics

WORTH SEEING: The old mixing table with pestle, mortar and jars from the 18th century, painted window shutters

SPECIAL FEATURES: Original recipe Spanish herbal digestive tea


Alte Fürts-Erzbischöfliche Hofapotheke
Marina Gaertner
Alter Markt 6
5020 Salzburg
Tel. +43662 843623


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