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Entrance of the Old Residence | © Tourismus Salzburg

Public Art

Aside from the works of the Walk of Modern Art, there are other forms of “street art” in Salzburg’s historic district. Whether the projects of the publicly funded “Kunst am Bau” or sculptures by Salzburg artists – the Baroque inner-city is optically enriched by these modern elements and Salzburg becomes a vibrant open-air gallery.

Acclaimed artists in Salzburg’s most beautiful places

If you stroll through the city with your eyes open, you will discover countless contemporary elements. Many of these have something to do with Mozart, such as the quotation displayed at the Mozarteum Foundation on Schwarzstraße. Others portray the many prince-archbishops of the city, such as the sculptures by Giacomo Manzú. Touching memorials such as the “stumbling stones” or more scurrilous objects such as the "SoS" manhole covers turn this Baroque backdrop into an exciting interaction between past and present.

The "Kunst am Bau" Initiative

The origins of "Kunst am Bau" take us back to the 1920s, when the economic circumstances were bad and building projects were intended to generate employment – also for artists. In the 1930s, it was decided that a certain percentage of each public building project had to be dedicated to art. This regulation remained in place until 2008, after which the art aspect was no longer mandatory. However, art, including temporary installations, continued to be subsidized. The artists of these modern features created an elemental connection between their works and the building; be that the façade, the windows, doors or walls. Examples of "Kunst am Bau" include the entrance area of the DomQuartier and "Stimono" outside the Salzburger Landestheater.

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