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“berliner block”, Gerhard Trieb

13th art project, Salzburg Walk of Modern Art: Gerhard Trieb, “berliner block” (2017) Mirabell Gardens

After pausing for a couple of years, the Walk of Modern Art was expanded again in 2017 with the addition of the “berliner block”. The focal point of Austrian artist Gerhard Trieb’s work is the cube. Into his blocks, he cuts a right-angled linear network of varying widths and depths, finally turning to a chisel to add individual touches. What we are left with in the end is the intrinsic tension of the relief.

The berliner block in Salzburg is part of a sculptural cycle which was created from 1995 to 2005.  The dimensions of this block, created out of Krastal marble, are 99x88x88 cm. As such, it isn’t strictly speaking a cube per se, yet it still has the full impact of a geometrical shape, together with all of the associated implications.


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