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Hellbrunn Palace Grounds

When you are on the grounds of Hellbrunn Palace, you find yourself in the midst of nature. Even as you make your way along Hellbrunner Allee towards the palace, the experience is equally unforgettable. And as you gaze out across the palace park, you will barely be able to grasp how far this green oasis extends.

Hellbrunner Allee

The most beautiful way to approach Hellbrunn is via Hellbrunner Allee. This lane is 400 years old, making it the oldest of its kind in the world today. It is about 2.5 kilometers long and runs through a protected green belt. It was constructed at the order of prince-archbishop Markus Sittikus, who wanted to be able to enjoy a nice straight drive from the city out into the countryside. An impressive 621 trees flank this noble avenue, alongside which also stand a number of distinguished homes and buildings. Hellbrunner Allee is closed to traffic, adding to the enjoyment for walkers, runners and cyclists.

Important Buildings alongside Hellbrunner Allee:

  • Schloss Freisaal stands amid its own pond.
  • Gwandhaus, home to Gössl Trachten and a restaurant.
  • Schloss Frohnburg served as a shooting location for “The Sound of Music” and is owned by Mozarteum University.

Hellbrunn Park

Behind the palace walls of Hellbrunn, some 60 hectares of green spaces invite guests to relax and take a deep refreshing breath. Aside from artistically landscaped gardens, you will discover meadows, ponds and a big playground for children. All of this is framed by flower beds and a unique mountain panorama. In summer, the park lends itself to running and yoga, while in winter you will even discover a trail groomed for cross-country skiing. And there is also a chance you might encounter a few enthusiastic “Sound of Music” fans in full voice: Located on the grounds of Hellbrunn is the gazebo in which Liesl and Franz sang to each other in the movie. It´s also a romantic place for getting married.

Hellbrunn Mountain

Schloss Hellbrunn was built at the foot of Hellbrunn Mountain. Here, as you take a stroll through the forest, you may well discover the “Stone Theatre”, a natural rock quarry which Markus Sittikus had converted into a stage. It is generally held to be the oldest open-air theatre in Europe – with operas performed here in the early 17th century.

Just a short walk away from the Stone Theatre is the Monatsschlösschen. It owes its name to the extraordinarily short time it took to build – just one month – and today houses the Salzburg Museum’s folklore collection.

Tip for animal lovers: visit the Salzburg Zoo in the immediate neighbourhood.

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