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Siemens Festival>Nights at Kapitelplatz in Salzburg | © Siemens AG / Georg Lembergh

SIEMENS Fest>Spiel>Nächte

The whole city as a stage: An ambitious aspiration, indeed, but one which, not least thanks to Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte, Salzburg more than lives up to. Flickering on the giant screen erected on Kapitelplatz Square is a cavalcade of Festival highlights, both old and new – amid the unique setting of the Salzburg historical district.

Public viewing with a twist

So, what draws more than 2,000 visitors to the Kapitelplatz every day during the Festival? Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte, an exceptionally successful cooperation between the Salzburg Festival, ORF Salzburg, Siemens Austria and Unitel. This five-week open-air spectacle is one of the biggest cultural public-viewing events in Europe. And a “Free Festival for All”: both those who were unable to get hold of last-minute tickets, as well as those who couldn’t, or simply chose not to afford them; for locals as well as international guests.

The Kapitelplatz as an open-air stage

A marvelous opportunity to enjoy culture beneath open skies, right next to the cathedral and with views of Hohensalzburg Fortress. None of Salzburg’s indoor Festival venues can offer such a unique backdrop! The Kapitelplatz, on the other hand, serves as an open-air stage during Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte. Whether sat down in the rows of seating, sipping on a glass of wine in front of one of the restaurant tents, or simply strolling by – this event is always guaranteed to captivate with its magical atmosphere.

Enjoy Festival highlights, old and new

Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte gives you the opportunity to enjoy once more the very best performances of previous years. That said, highlights from the current season’s program are also shown – and even premieres on occasion! During live broadcasts, you will be able to experience the latest productions at the exact same time as audiences inside the actual venues. Broadcasts of concerts begin at 6 in the evening, while those of opera productions begin at 9 p.m.

A feast for the eyes, ears and taste buds

This open-air event is made possible by state-of-the-art audio- and video technology. An LED screen delivers sharp pictures even in bright sunshine. An ingenious sound system with spatial simulation provides perfect acoustics.
So that Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte is able to pamper absolutely all of your senses, the catering  stands open up an hour before the performance begins. At the restaurant tents with clear views of the screen, you can look forward to a true culinary treat: from cold appetizers to grilled specialties and irresistible desserts.

The Kinder>Festival for young music aficionados

Being a “Festival for All” also means thinking of the youngsters. The special Kinder>Festival brings a colorful mix of children’s operas, theater and ballet. A playful, child-friendly gateway to culture for the Festival guests of tomorrow.


Siemens Fest>Spiel>Nächte
5020 Salzburg
Tel. +4351707 22230

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