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The Trapp Family Singers | © Salzburg Museum

The Trapp Family

The life of the Trapp family is inseparable from Salzburg: It was here that the family choir had its roots, captivating the world with their touching story accompanied by immortal music.

The Trapps come to Salzburg

In 1925, Georg von Trapp – submarine commander in the Austrian navy – moved with his seven children to Salzburg, previously having lived at the Erlhof in Zell am See, also located in Salzburg province. Sadly, Georg von Trapp’s first wife, Agathe Whitehead, had already passed away in 1922.

A new wife and mother: Maria von Trapp

In Salzburg, the widower looked for a governess and teacher, above all to take care of his second-eldest daughter, Maria, who suffered from a heart condition.  The abbess of Nonnberg Abbey placed Maria Augusta Kutschera in his service. The baron and the novice fell in love, marrying on 26 November 1927. They had three children together.

The founding of the world-famous choir

The Trapps lost most of the family fortune when their bank failed in 1933. From that point on, the family was compelled to live more modestly and actually rented out the grander parts of their home. Together with her husband’s children, Maria founded a family choir. One of their house guests, the famous singer Lotte Lehmann, motivated them to take part in a folk-music competition. The Trapps won and were invited to give a concert on the radio.

The Trapps emigrate to America

After Austria was annexed by Hitler’s Germany in 1938, Georg von Trapp was called up to serve in the German navy. But rather than doing so, he decided to emigrate via Brunegg in Switzerland and London to the United States. The Trapps put down roots in Stowe, Vermont. It was from here that they set out on a concert career spanning the better part of 20 years.

The legend of the Trapp family lives on in the 1965 movie cult classic “The Sound of Music”  – especially here in Salzburg. You can even visit the original shooting locations on a guided “Sound of Music” tour!


The Trapp family today - Trapp Family Lodge

In the 1940s, the Trapps constructed a mountain residence in Stowe, Vermont. Today, the Trapp Family Lodge is run as a hotel. It captivates with its European atmosphere and cuisine, along with its own microbrewery.

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