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City Wall in Salzburg | © SalzburgerLand Tourismus

"City Wall" Via Ferrata

Fans of outdoor sports have a special way to discover the astonishing backdrop that is Salzburg: The City Wall is a fixed-cable climb on the Kapuzinerberg that treats you to breathtaking views of the famous historic district. With challenges for everyone, rated A through E!

Complete information about rock-climbing in the heart of the city

Open to all, the City Wall is located at the end of Linzer Gasse. The access point is next to the parking garage in Glockengasse. Between March 1 and June 30, during which time the City Wall is off limits, climbers have to take a backseat to the birds that are nesting on the mountainside. This climbing route is also closed in bad weather conditions.

ROUTE 1 - Kapuziner-Gams Route - challenging
The starting point is located on the right-hand side. The actual climb begins immediately, initially rated B/C, transitioning to level D/E. The so-called “Traverse of the Gods” is challenging and strength-sapping, though once you have completed it you do have a chance to catch your breath before tackling the second half of the climb. A short C-rated stage is followed by an easy traverse straight to a steep overhang, at which point you will face an ambitious level D and E climb before finally completing your ascent - this route is definitely not for beginners!

ROUTE 2 - Salewa Route - sporty
The starting point for this climb is on the left-hand side. Though initially a somewhat leisurely B-rated ascent, climbers do encounter the highest difficulty (level C) during the first third. Afterwards, this via ferrata first leads to the intersection of routes 1 and 2, then to a point where you can pause for breath. Now the climb takes you up a C-rated slab of rock, while a traverse brings you to the Panorama Ladder, which you climb with your back to the cliff as you enjoy wonderful city views from high above the rooftops of Salzburg. With the ladder completed, your eyes will once again be drawn to the rock face: the last few meters hooked on to the cable are quite spectacular, though only minimally difficult, bringing you to the conclusion of the climb.

ROUTE 3 - Bergspezl Route - appropriate for beginners
The starting point is to the left, identical to Route 2. Make your way as far as the intersection of the two climbs, at which point Route 3 branches off to the left. Now comes a steady ascent via a band of grass rated A/B until you reach the top of this particular climb; the ideal route for rookies, or for pros looking for a pleasant way to wind down after a full day of climbing.

ROUTE 4 - Aqua Salza Route - practice route
Perfect preparation for learning how to handle your via ferrata equipment correctly; in a practically risk-free area where the dangers of falling are almost non-existent. Rated A/B, this is a great opportunity for rookie climbers to practice their first hand- and footholds on a via ferrata ascent.



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