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Spielplatz am Gaisbergrundwanderweg | © Tourismus Salzburg

Hiking Paths on the Gaisberg

One of the most popular local mountains in Salzburg (elev. 1287 m), the Gaisberg is a hiking paradise for the whole family. Numerous routes treat hikers to marvelous views of Salzburg and the surrounding mountain world. The Zistelrunde and the Gaisberg Hiking Loop, in particular, are excellent choices if you are in the mood for an excursion in nature.

Overview of Gaisberg hiking paths

The hiking paths on the Gaisberg take anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours to complete and are clearly marked. If you want to hike closer to the top of the mountain, we suggest taking the No. 151 bus from the city center. Other hiking paths leading up the Gaisberg begin near stops for public buses (mainly on the No. 6 and No. 7 lines). All buses are included in the Salzburg Card. All hiking routes are described in detail on the Gaisberg map.

Gaisberg hiking loops

  • Route 13a – Gaisberg Hiking Loop - easy - 1-1½ h - ca. 5.9 km – starting point: Zistelalm, bus 151
  • Route 13b – Zistelrunde - easy - 30 min - ca. 2.6 km – starting point: Zistelalm, bus 151 – also suitable for prams
  • Route 13c – Summit Hiking Path - easy - 15 min - ca. 1 km – starting point: Gaisbergspitze, bus 151
Gaisberg hiking paths
  • Route 12 – easy - 2¾ h - ca. 6 km – starting point bus stop “Obergnigl”, lines 2, 23, 151
  • Route 13 – moderate - 2½ h - ca. 6 km -starting point bus stop “Ludwig-Schmederer-Platz”, No.6 trolleybus
  • Route 14 –easy, though rocky - 2½ h - ca. 8 km - starting point bus stop “Ludwig-Schmederer-Platz”, No. 6 trolleybus
  • Route 15 – Dr. Herbert Walterskirchen Weg - easy - 2¾ h - ca. 11 km - starting point: Aigen S-Bahn, No. 7 trolleybus
  • Route 16 – easy - 3 h - ca. 11 km - starting point: bus stop “Valkenauerstraße”, No. 7 trolleybus
  • Route 17 – moderate – long, from the Zistelalm occasionally steep and slippery - 3 h - ca. 11 km - starting point: bus stop “Josef-Kaut-Straße” (17a) or “Valkenauerstraße” (17), No. 7 trolleybus

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